Give the gift of scent with Air Aroma Christmas specials

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At Air Aroma, we're already in the Christmas Spirit and are now offering 20% off all online purchases. From now until December 31st, use the voucher code mentioned below upon checkout to receive the discount on your purchase.

Limited time Only. Don't miss out! Visit the Store

Voucher Code: AAXM13

The Aromax is the perfect gift for your special someone or to bring the smell of christmas to your home why not try our Cinnamon Apple or Alpine Air fragrances with notes of Pine and Juniperberry for a true festive feel.

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Employing aroma as a business strategy

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This month Air Aroma was features in a feature piece on spa scenting, entitled ‘Employing aroma as a business strategy’. Spa Inc. is valued by spa professionals and distributors as their comprehensive business resource for the latest trends, products and services in the spa and esthetics market across Canada and abroad.

Lindsay Grummett talks with Air Aroma on the benefits of a sensory branding approach for Spas. The connection between smell and memory makes smell is the most powerful of all our senses and therefore the most effective.

Air Aroma scenting UMW's production of Spring Awakening

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The sights and sounds of musical theater are always spectacular, but what about the scent? To create a truly multi-sensory experience for their audience, University of Mary Washington in Virginia chose Air Aroma to provide scenting during their current production of Spring Awakening.

Spring Awakening burst onto the musical theater scene in 2006, won 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and has since become one of the most beloved and widely-performed shows around. Based on the 1891 play of the same name, Spring Awakening is set in 19th century Germany and follows the story of teenagers discovering their sexuality in a repressed society. With an alternative rock score by Duncan Sheik, known best for his 1996 song "Barely Breathing", the original Broadway production starred Lea Michele, now best known as Rachel Berry on the TV show Glee.

Air Aroma Japan using Kansei method to create custom fragrances

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Custom fragrances by Air Aroma can be found worldwide, but Air Aroma Japan has recently taken the creation of these fragrances to a whole new level. Using Kansei analysis, a Japanese technique for academically measuring peoples perception about the 5 senses, to create a product unique to the individual consumer. Air Aroma Japan most recently created a stunning custom fragrance for Nissan globally with KANSEI design specialist, Professor Yoshinaga.

Smell is the most powerful of the five senses. Our brains are more apt to remember fragrances than sights or sounds. But scenting is not just about the fragrance itself. Air Aroma offers scenting as a way to enhance your business.

Originated in Japan, Kansei fragrance design a academic field which includes the application of neuro-scientific methodology to evaluate “sensory value” in a visible way.

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Happy Halloween Special

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Happy Halloween! We are celebrating Halloween with a limited edition orange Aromax price at $US199.00 , reduced from the regular price of $US300.00.

To order yours simply contact us via our contact form or give us a call on 646 861 7872.

Be quick - Limited stock is available. Offer valid to 8th November 2013. USA residents only.

Air Aroma Participates in The Hotel Show in Dubai

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Air Aroma was proud to be a participant in Dubai's The Hotel Show, a major event in the hospitality, hotel and tourism industries in the MENA region. Held over a weekend in late September, more than 70 industry leaders came together to showcase the latest trends and technologies. The Hotel Show is now in its 14th year, and is always an informative and interesting event.

Air Aroma's local distributor set up an impressive booth, complete with a large display of our products. Show attendees were able to view each of our diffusers and even smell some of our wonderful fragrance oils.

Other major vendors at The Hotel Show included Trane, Marriott Hotels (The Ritz Carlton, Bvlgari, JW Marriott) and IHG (Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, InterContinental) . Air Aroma was proud to participate in this successful event and demonstrate to the hotel industry how our fragrances and diffusers can create the perfect scented Hotel lobby.

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Our Fall fragrance picks

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Fall is upon us and Air Aroma has a range of fragrances that are the perfect retreat.

Our Redwood essential oil brings you back to nature. It is warm and natural and a perfect calming and relaxing fragrance to unwind with.

For something irresistibly sweet why not try our Cinnamon Apple aroma oil with mouthwatering notes of sugar pastry, spicy cinnamon and sweet apple.

For a slightly more exotic fragrance, why not try our Melange Moroc aroma oil. This savory yet rustic fragrance will make you feel like your in the middle of a Moroccan spice market with its notes of Orange, Thyme, Marjoram, Orange Blossom and Jasmine.

Our Fall essential fragrances can be purchased by contacting our New York sales team or your nearest office here.

The Art of Scent, 1889 - 2012

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New York City's Museum of Art and Design recently housed an exhibit entitled "The Art of Scent, 1889 - 2012". This exhibit highlighted twelve groundbreaking perfumes and fifteen artists. It was the first major exhibit to focus on scent as an artistic medium.

Each fragrance was chosen to emphasize major advances in the perfume industry, such as the introduction of synthetic ingredients, first seen in the late 1800's. Until then, only natural ingredients were used, and the option of using synthetic ingredients opened up new doors to the perfumers. Iconic scents like Chanel N° 5, from 1921, and more recent perfumes like Untitled were featured in this amazing exhibit.

In the video above, perfumer Jean-Marc Chaillan, creator of scents like Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein for men talks about finding inspiration and his love of working with fragrances. He compares perfume to music in the sense that you cannot touch them or see them, they just float in the air. Yet they both have huge influence in your life. The exhbit closed in March 2013, so for those that missed out, we invite you to please watch the video above. In the link below you'll find four additional videos featuring other major players in the perfume industry.

"There are no bad smells, there are no good smells. Everything is interesting." - Jean-Marc Chaillan

For more videos, please visit the Museum of Arts and Science website.