Air Aroma Scents Ulla Johnson Show at New York Fashion Week

Air Aroma Scents Ulla Johnson Show at New York Fashion Week

This past February as part of New York Fashion Week Ulla Johnson presented her Fall 2024 collection, met with praise from Vogue and Women’s Wear Daily. Air Aroma scented the event held at Powerhouse Arts Space in Brooklyn, NY, enhancing the atmosphere and further amplifying the Ulla Johnson brand. The Ulla Johnson fashion show scent quietly permeated the space, forming a stylish symphony with the stage design, lighting and music.

Born and raised in Manhattan, New York, Ulla Johnson is an American fashion designer who finds inspiration in her global travels and appreciation for traditional artisan techniques from around the world. Her designs are admired for their use of silhouette, color, and unique blend of luxury and bohemian sensibility. Merging intricate craftsmanship, natural fibers, and exotic prints, designs often feature flowing silhouettes and rich textures.

Scented Fashion Show Ulla Johnson Autumn 2024

The Ulla Johnson Autumn Winter 2024 Collection explored the boundaries of womenswear and menswear, offering a modernized perspective on silhouette, line and color, with unique materials like boiled wool featured in the garments. The show featured both male and female models, with a warm earthy backdrop of copper floors and curtains, along with a boldy crafted centerpiece that explored texture, form and floral patterning. The collection aimed to reinterpret tradition and illuminate possibilities beneath preconceived notions about masculine and feminine identities.

Air Aroma installed Aroscent diffusers which were used to produce a dry micro mist of scent, crafting a desired ambiance for the fashion show. The scent seamlessly blended with the design, vibe and beat of the show. Hidden from sight, the Ulla Johnson show scent was a subtle but impactful element that sparked the senses.

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