Escape the Winter to these Luxurious Beach Destination Hotels with Signature Scents

Escape the Winter to these Luxurious Beach Destination Hotels with Signature Scents

There’s a certain part of winter in the Northern US that calls for a change of scenery. The holidays are over and the nipping temperatures hold less allure. Longing for warmer temperatures, it’s common to book tropical getaways and spend some time in sunnier destinations. Many people even plan to spend entire winters in a warmer state. These trips hold a special hearth of vivid memories that include activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, hiking, spa days, and meals of freshly caught seafood on the sand. The hotel destinations in beach settings typically have lots of open air, lighter color schemes, and expansive aquatic amenities. Hotel lobbies carry a memorable scent that imparts a wholeness in the mind, evoking a sense of getaway, adventure, or relaxation. Hotel scents in beach destinations can range from light, subtle and aquatic, to tropical floral or even warm woods. Inclusive of a variety of branding styles, hotel signature scents are designed to make an impact and contribute to the special memory of a beach vacation in the winter.

Air Aroma works with thousands of hotels globally to design signature scents that stand out and define their point of view. From San Diego to Cancun, hotel scents in beach destinations create lasting connections and elevate the design of each unique property. Read below for a selection of luxurious beach destination hotels that have a signature scent with Air Aroma.

Hotel Xcaret

The Hotel Xcaret scent designed by Air Aroma, Copalli, is highly sought after for its bold combination of citrus, fresh spices, and narcotic white flowers with cedar wood. Diffused in the hotel lobby, the woody, luxurious fragrance creates a lasting overall impression of warmth and welcome with a base of incense. When travelers ask, “What is the scent at Hotel Xcaret?,” they are usually after the Copalli signature scent, but also diffused in other areas of the hotel include Air Aroma fragrances Sandalwood Gold and Thé Vert Oriental.

Located between the forest of the Riviera Maya and the Caribbean Sea, Hotel Xcaret is a first-class Mexican oasis redefining the concept of all-inclusive vacations.

Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach

Four Seasons Palm Beach in Florida is a luxurious ocean-front resort located on a narrow barrier island, providing a feeling of exclusivity and relaxation. The signature scent comprises quintessential beach fragrance notes of sea salt and driftwood, along with sage and bay leaf. It’s a joyful, oceanic and natural smelling fragrance that reminds guests of the proximity to the coast. The hotel sells custom candles in their signature scent for guests to take home.

Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach Scent

The Ritz Carlton Maui, Kapalua

Located on Maui’s lush northwestern coastline, The Ritz-Carlton Maui is surrounded by tall trees, offering seclusion in the beautiful Hawaiian state. The hotel scent speaks to Hawaii’s tropical allure with scent notes of freesia flowers, juicy pineapple, fresh sea breeze, citrus orange blossom, elegant jasmine, and musk. Designed specifically for this Ritz-Carlton location, the floral and aquatic fragrance reflects Maui’s idyllic location and rich Hawaiian history.

Alila Marea Beach Resort

Elegantly perched on coastal bluffs just north of San Diego, the Alila Marea Beach Resort has a contemporary clean style, which is reflected in the scent of Air Aroma’s White Tea Thyme fragrance, circulating through the lobby.  With notes of white tea leaves, jasmine, musk, and thyme, this aromatic, fresh, herbal fragrance leaves guests feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Four Seasons Resort Fort Lauderdale

Known as Miami’s quieter and more elegant cousin, Fort Lauderdale in south Florida boasts a network of rivers and waterways, providing a laid-back destination within a stylish strip of beaches. Four Seasons Resort Fort Lauderdale is a newly launched luxury hotel with relaxed glamour and a vibrant atmosphere. The hotel signature scent is fresh and contemporary built around a marine accord. Sea minerals from the deep Atlantic reflect the warmth of sea salt and blissful waves. Watery melon and jasmine lure with a touch of sweetened nostalgia, while healing rose water reflects the timeless sophistication of elevated oceanside leisure. Amber and fresh musk add a polish that speak to the dreams beyond the water, and what inspiration only comes from a retreat with a maritime soul.

Four Seasons Fort Lauderdale sells candles in its signature scent, available for purchase directly through the hotel.

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

Recognized for its iconic Bahamian architecture, Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas stands on the sea with an unmistakable salmon hue and spacious property. With sea salt accord as a top note, the hotel scent mimics the sunny sea salt of the Atlantic ocean. Fresh bergamot provides an effervescence, while linden blossom and ivy bring a sense of green floral to the fragrance. Scenting public areas throughout the hotel, the signature fragrance provides an elevated element to a memorable hotel stay.

Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas Scent

Looking to create a hotel scent atmosphere at home? Ready to design a signature scent for your property? Get in touch with us today to start your scent journey.