Using Scent in the Workplace

Using Scent in the Workplace

Why Use Scent in the Workplace?

Physical working environments have a significant impact on productivity. As many corporate workers have experienced with the global shift towards working from home during the pandemic, dealing with displacement from workplace can greatly alter one’s work. Now with the workforce facing another notable shift back into the office, employers are rethinking office amenities to aid in a smooth transition. Using scent in the workplace can have a positive impact on employees and create a comfortable, engaging and productive environment.

Make It Comfortable

Research has found that comfort perception and work performance are positively correlated. As workers are returning the office, companies must keep this in mind. From temperature regulation, limiting distracting noise pollution, and incorporating plants – there are countless ways to enhance employee comfort while in the office.

Enhancing Mood as an Amenity

Noted in Surface Mag; as employers make the move to entice workers back to the office, implementing scent is an amenity that an increasing number of companies are exploring in a bid to enhance workplace atmosphere and contentment. While there has been little research done on the direct effects of aromatization in the workplace, the use of scent in indoor environments has been found to both positively enhance mood as well as aid in comfort and relaxation levels of workers. This in turn can positively impact workplace performance.

Using Scent in Offices

Incorporating Scent for a more Productive Workplace

Air Aroma provides optimal scenting solutions for companies and home-based workers alike, making it easier than ever to invest in making your workspace a more comfortable and productive environment.