7 Scents for Focus, Productivity and Concentration

7 Scents for Focus, Productivity and Concentration

The Best Scents Proven to Enhance Focus

Diffusing scents can have many purposes: encouraging relaxation, boosting energy, and increasing productivity and concentration. Whether used for personal purposes at home, diffused in a retail environment, or utilized in a workplace, certain scents can influence a person’s mood and behavior. Read below for seven recommended scents for productivity and concentration.

Citrus & Peppermint

The most effective scents to increase productivity and concentration are peppermint and citrus scents. When inhaled, these fresh and bright scents can decrease fatigue and promote mental clarity and focus. Studies have shown that when lemon was introduced in the workplace, a significant increase in productivity was measured, reducing workplace errors, and also increasing speed in typing. Studies have also found peppermint to be an effect scent for alertness, aiding in concentration.

Try these Air Aroma scents for an energy boost:


Lemongrass Tea

Mint Motion


Sunkissed fragrance for productivity

Lavender & Rosemary

Other scents that are effective to promoting workflow are those that help one to relax in the midst of stressful situations. The most effectual scents to reduce stress have been found to be herbal scents, like lavender and rosemary. Not only do these scents psychologically reduce the feelings stress and anxiety with their pleasant, spa-like feel, but they can physiologically decrease the amount of the stress hormone in those who inhale. In a study where healthy subjects inhaled lavender and rosemary aromas for just five minutes, both stimulations significantly decreased measured cortisol levels in participants. While not directly affecting concentration, research links these scents to enhancing productivity through the reduction of stress.

Try these Air Aroma scents to destress and focus:


Lavender Forest



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