Scent Marketing Agency, designing fragrances for luxury brands

Air Aroma is the leading scent marketing agency, we design custom fragrances for luxury brands around the world. With over 20 years experience offering scented air solutions, combined with an unrivalled global network, we help brands create memorable experiences for their customers through scent.

Our expertise includes custom Signature Scent design, natural Essential Oils and premium Aroma Diffuser Systems. Contact us to create your brand’s Signature Fragrance.

Featured Clients

Magical Mimosa

A beautifully sweet and effervescent blossom of delicate yellow pom pom petals lends itself to a sweet honeyed floral aroma of headiness. Mimosa, Acacia, or Cassie all refer to the same plant, Acacia Dealbata, which is...

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Who’s Scenting?

We design scents for hotels, retail stores, financial institutions, fashion brands, events, residential homes and so much more.

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