How to Scent Your Entire Home

How to Scent Your Entire Home

Have you ever visited a hotel and remember smelling a luxurious scent? Did you want to take that same scent experience home with you to enjoy in your everyday life? Implementing an ambient scent in your home is more accessible than it may seem. You can even scent your entire home using scent diffusion technology.

how to scent your entire home

Who’s Scenting

In today’s hospitality and retail industry, many brands utilize ambient scenting throughout their spaces. Scenting can both enhance visitors’ personal experience and make a lasting, memorable impression. Whether to calm and revitalize guests or entice and excite them, scenting can be used by businesses to not only curate their environment on a sensory level but to create a memorable brand logo and increase brand equity. Some of the highest-end hotels and brands utilize scenting with custom tailored fragrances and beautifully designed diffusion systems by Air Aroma, such as Ritz-Carlton, Capella Hotels, Langham, and The Darling.

HVAC Scenting Technology

With sizable areas like hotel lobbies and retail spaces, brands need something more advanced than candles, room sprays or vapor diffusers to encapsulate the entire area. More sophisticated scenting technology can be used to pump through the entire space rather than focused, concentrated areas. Discreet, powerful, and efficient, Air Aroma’s Ecoscent connects to a property’s HVAC system, delivering a consistent, customizable scent experience. Using patented cold-air diffusion technology, fragrance oil is dispersed into a dry mist of microscopically small droplets through the pressure of filtered cold air. This dry mist is pumped through the supply ducts using consistent airflow. This atomization process of the fragrance particles ensures for consistent fragrance coverage throughout the entirety of the scented space.

Scent Your Home

While these HVAC diffusion systems are often used in retail and hospitality spaces, they can easily be installed in one’s home for those looking to elevate their scent experience. Air Aroma’s scent solutions can be implemented into private homes with the same technologies as your favorite hotel. Enhance your daily life by incorporating ambient scent; whether you’re looking to create an invigorating, focused environment for your WFH lifestyle, a calming, fresh reprieve to return to after a long day, or simply a scent signature to impress your guests. Working closely with homeowners, a scent can be selected from Air Aroma’s carefully curated range of fragrances or a signature scent can be perfectly tailored to match the interiors and location of the home, as well as one’s preferences and desired scenting outcome.

Whole Home Scenting with Ecoscent Diffuser

Ecoscent Scent Diffuser

No matter the size of your home, Air Aroma has a diffuser to scent any space. Connecting to your HVAC system, the Ecoscent system is the most powerful of Air Aroma’s line of diffusers to scent your largest spaces. Using your home’s natural airflow, the Ecoscent allows homeowners to scent their living room, bedroom, and office all at once. With its various models, the Ecoscent can deliver greater coverage as needed – using up to six outputs at once.  Adjustable to your lifestyle, customizable settings allow you to determine the hours and strength with the Ecoscent’s built-in timer. Unobtrusive in design, the Ecoscent can be stored away in your maintenance cupboard with a diffuser discreetly mounted on, or hidden behind, the wall or near the HVAC ducts.


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