We are Air Aroma

Air Aroma is a scent marketing agency founded in Melbourne, Australia and based around the globe. Driven by minimalist, refined design and bespoke aromas, we design, develop and implement scent marketing solutions, by way of unforgettable scent experiences, ambient scenting and custom branded products.

As the industry leader with over twenty years of experience and a dedicated team of perfumers, storytellers, and designers, we’ve created custom scents for some of the most well-known and luxurious brands. Air Aroma has the expertise to transform a brand identity into a scent, surpassing what is only seen, and into what is felt. As our sense of smell taps into memory and emotion, a signature scent can unlock the essence of a brand.

We take pride in delivering market leading environmentally safe and sustainable products, offering a wide array of thoughtfully designed scent creations and a full spectrum of delivery methods. Trusted by the biggest brands worldwide, our diffusion equipment is made in house and uses patented cold air diffusion technology to create an unforgettable ambiance. We believe in impactful experiences, inspiring spaces, elevated design, and meaningful connections.

We are pioneers

Air Aroma is the international leader in providing scent marketing solutions, fragrances and technologies.

Why Air Aroma?

We are green

Air Aroma actively focuses on reducing its carbon footprint and therefore its impact on the environment.

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