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A New Yorker's View of Tokyo

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A New Yorker's View of Tokyo:

This February, the Tokyo and New York offices of the Air Aroma Group engaged in a staff exchange in which staff members from opposite sides of the world swapped office desks for a week. Japanese staffer Yumi braced for subzero temperatures here in New York, while Rachel was welcomed by the Japan team to a relatively warmer Tokyo.

With customers in over 80 countries, our offices around the world are constantly abuzz with conversation, emails pinging back and forth and frequent Skype meetings on the calendar. But how does New York differ from Tokyo in office culture, staff activity and marketing styles?

SHIGA S/S 2015 Collection “plants” x Air Aroma

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Contemporary Japanese fashion brand Shiga crafts designs of modern sophistication with a touch of natural feminine flair, incorporating ideas and inspirations of nature, fluidity, and eclectic elegance. Ryota Shiga is an innovative Japanese fashion designer born in Fukishima Japan in 1985. After graduating from Fugino Fashion University, he moved to Italy to pursue his fashion design career, and shortly thereafter established his own fashion brand Ryota Shiga, which has recently been launched as the singular “Shiga.”

As part of the launch at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO Air Aroma added to the sensory experience of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection “plants” by incorporating a natural essential oil blend into the exhibition. A unique clear floral scent with notes of lavender and eucalyptus was diffused throughout the show, blending seamlessly with the aesthetic of the “plants” collection.

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What is a Nose?

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We often refer to people based on their skill or occupation. We label individuals who are in movies as Actors, people who serve customers as a Waiters, but what is a Nose?

A Nose is a term used to describe a perfume artist, someone who is capable of portraying moods, emotions and concepts through fragrance composition. A Nose is trained over many years to develop the knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients and their smells, as well as understand how the ingredients change over time and how ingredients may be altered when combined with other ingredients.

Air Aroma excites the senses at NYFW

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As part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Air Aroma partnered with luxury fashion and accessory brand Flowen to scent The Specimens Collection Jewelry Exhibit during New York Fashion Week. Flavia Lowenstein, the creative genius behind Flowen, brings to life undiscovered multi-cellular forms and translates them into wearable art.

To complement the otherworldly aesthetic of The Specimens Collection, Air Aroma incorporated robust, earthy, ingredients such as tobacco, moss, and patchouli to give the atmosphere an organic and natural vibe. Mediterranean spices added a warm allure to the vast warehouse while notes of leather evoked an enigmatic richness.

Ancient Aromas

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Utilizing fragrance to enrich an environment or personal presence is something that has fascinated humans throughout history in various industries and circumstances. Thinking back to ancient times, one might reason that scent was solely primitive, a tactic used to help humans find food, ward off diseases and disaster, or seek out a mate. However, thousands of years ago, ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome were well known for their use of oils and fragrances derived from plants and flowers for medicine, rituals, and cosmetology. Egyptian high priests anointed themselves in exotic scents like cinnamon and myrrh with sweet wine. Greek athletes doused their sore bodies in lavender baths, while Ancient Romans were known to use flower-scented water at banquets in between meals.

Love Isn’t Love ‘Till You Give It Away

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This Valentine’s Day, give a gift your darling will love. Skip the bouquet and make a lasting aromatic experience instead. Creating the perfect romantic ambiance for your special day is simple with the help of Air Aroma.

Need some romantic inspiration? Zuri, which translates to beautiful, lovely, and good in Swahilli, is our February featured fragrance. Zuri contains 100% pure essential oils with citrus and floral characteristics, and is guaranteed to entice the senses with feelings of euphoria and adoration. We created this pleasant, ambient fragrance using lavender, mandarin, bergamot, pink grapefruit, frangipani, chamomile, and ylang ylang.

In the wise words of Thoreau, “there is no remedy for love but to love more.” Since Valentine’s Day is a day to show love, we’re offering a 20% discount on all orders from now until February 14, 2015.

Be sure to enter the code LOVE15 at checkout.

An Aromax paired with a bottle of Zuri is the perfect way to melt hearts this Valentine’s Day. Visit our Web Store to make your purchase today.

Sealed with a Kiss,
Air Aroma

Fragrance Composition

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What is a note? We are not referring to a hand written letter or information from your office meeting! In fragrance, a “note” signifies the distinct parts of oil that can be noticed upon usage. There are three main notes that help to create the complex aroma blend.

The top note refers to the first impression you get from a fragrance. This is the first thing you smell when you are introduced to the fragrance. Top notes are generally fresh and light because they are raw materials, which are fleeting fast and are highly volatile. Some common top notes are citrus and herbs.

Using coffee beans to reset your sense of smell?

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Stop in any perfume shop, and you’re bound to find small bowls of coffee beans set between various fragrances. A salesperson may advise you to sniff the beans in between smelling multiple scents. It is commonly believed that the smell of coffee beans creates some sort of palate cleanser for your nose, allowing you to continue to smell fragrance after fragrance.