The Scent of Hyatt Hotels

The Scent of Hyatt Hotels

One of the fastest-growing major hotel companies worldwide, Hyatt Hotels encompasses an impressive portfolio of hotel brands that offer luxurious accommodations and extraordinary service. Hyatt strives to create unforgettable moments for their guests, so they understand the power and importance of a signature scent. Air Aroma has designed Hyatt scents for a notable portfolio of hotel brands including Park Hyatt, Hyatt Regency, Hyatt Centric, Alila, Dream Hotels, Andaz, Grand Hyatt, and more. From business professionals to leisure seekers, families, and those with a taste for high class luxury, Hyatt caters to a wide range of travelers, with upscale urban retreats, idyllic beachfront resorts, all-inclusive and wellness resorts.

Successful Signature Scent Programs

For nearly a decade, Air Aroma has been working with Hyatt hotels in designing memorable signature scents and installing successful scent programs worldwide that include high powered scent diffusion and custom products like candles and room sprays. Thousands of guests have encountered Air Aroma fragrances in Hyatt properties and shared their positive experiences, claiming “The signature scent has me over the moon”, “The lobby smells wonderful!”, and “I even loved the fragrance in the hotel. How can I purchase it?” Signature scents help create an unforgettable, luxurious welcome in hotels that lingers in the minds of guests long after their stay.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar Scent Lobby

What Scent do Hyatt Hotels Use?

Air Aroma created an exclusive signature fragrance collection for Hyatt Hotels to create a consistent and welcoming guest experience.

Fresh, woody, and calming, the Hyatt Elevation scent is widely popular, with notes of lemon, basil, cardamom, amber and cedarwood.

The Hyatt Centric scent is a fresh welcome, designed to spark guests’ curiosity for a truly unique adventure. Using ingredients that are modern, stylish, and bright, this fragrance blends seamlessly with each location and Hyatt Centric’s brand position of the Modern Explorer. Spices of nutmeg and clove create an intriguing liveliness amongst welcoming notes of bergamot and lavender, while an earthy base of cedarwood and patchouli balance the complexity.

The Park Hyatt brand offers some of Hyatt’s most refined luxury experiences in the world’s top tier cultural destinations. In partnering with the brand, Air Aroma scents Park Hyatt destinations like Park Hyatt Sydney with an exclusive fragrance collection to emphasize the subtle luxury and uncompromising attention to detail true to this portfolio of hotels.

“We have received nothing but rave reviews about the lobby scent” – Director of Rooms, Park Hyatt Washington

With striking architecture, world class food, and elevated amenities, the Grand Hyatt brand is iconic, bold and luxurious. Air Aroma partners with various Grand Hyatt locations like Grand Hyatt Kauai to emphasize their premium experience and make the ultimate grand statement upon guests’ arrival. Diffused scent enhances the aesthetics of the hotel and ties in the origins of each distinct destination.

Brand signature scents help amplify the guest experience, creating richer tapestries of memories. With over two dozen brands and over 40 million Hyatt members globally, travelers are surely to encounter and remember Hyatt signature scents by Air Aroma.

30ml Fragrance Oils Range

Our Hyatt branded signature scents are designed for exclusive use at the properties, but Air Aroma offers a range of fragrances to use in your home or business in similar styles. These include Lemongrass Tea, Amber Grand, Saffron Suede, Sunkissed, and Spice Trader. If you’re seeking a distinctive fragrance for your business, reach out to Air Aroma, and we’ll craft a personalized scent or offer expert guidance on curated scents tailored to your brand.