Designing scents for luxury brands

Air Aroma is the leading scent marketing agency, we design custom fragrances for luxury brands around the world. With 18 years experience and unrivalled global network, we help brands create memorable experiences for their customers through scent.

Our expertise includes custom Signature Scent design, natural Essential Oils and advanced Fragrance Diffusion Systems. Learn more About us.

Featured Clients

The Wood of Gods

One of the most desirable and rare raw ingredients found in perfumery is agarwood, popularly referred to as oud or oudh. The indescribably deep, woody, balsamic scent of oud comes from the immune defense of the Aquliaria tree species found...

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Who’s scenting?

From fashion retail stores to hotel scents, automotive to airline scenting, Air Aroma leads the way in creating brand scents that connect people and brands in memorable ways.

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