Using Scent to Sell Your House

Using Scent to Sell Your House

Those looking to sell their homes will have no doubt been told that spring is the best time of year to put your property on the market. Spring is when the sun is shining; flowers are in bloom and therefore it is likely to be the time of year when your property will look its best. The data also suggests we are also more likely to buy and also spend more at this time of year.

Selling your home in spring may mean you are however struck with more competition. So with this is mind, how do you make your home stand out? Cleaning and de-cluttering your home can be the cheapest and easiest way to make your home look the part for potential sellers. 

Of course fresh flowers always make a home feel fresh and inviting but this can get expensive. To give you’re home that fresh, welcoming and warm feeling consider diffusing a fragrance during your open for inspections. The Aromax is a sleek and beautifully designed aromatherapy diffuser that looks great in any interior.

Sellers have used this scent marketing technique for many decades to assist in the property sales. Many would bake cookies before an open for inspection to give the house a feeling that it was a home people could feel comfortable in. To capture this feeling why not try our mouth watering Cinnamon Apple fragrance.

If instead you’re after a crisp and clean feeling in your home try our Guava Cucumber fragrance. If you want to really capture the essence of spring why not try our beautiful and sweet Oriental Blossom fragrance.

The Aromax is available for purchase in 6 different colors on our online store.