Better Air Quality at Home Through Essential Oils

Better Air Quality at Home Through Essential Oils

Did you know that the air quality inside your home could be up to five times more polluted than the outdoor air quality? We typically think outdoor air is worse, due to car pollution and fumes on the street that we can physically see, however environmental specialists warn that this can be a false assumption.

Nearly all households carry chemical cleaning agents, detergents, soaps or disinfectants of some kind that bring with them harsh chemical scents. These chemicals, when used, travel through the air and into our lungs and over time can effect and weaken out immune system. A weak immune system has been linked to diseases like asthma, eczema and other allergy type conditions.

Everyday we lather our homes in chemical based products and have become accustomed to the convenience of such sprays and bottles. Perhaps it is time we get back to basics. Try a few drops of lemon essential oil on your cleaning cloth to wipe your surfaces and leave them smelling fresh and clean. Mix a few drops of orangeor bergamot essential oil with water in a spray bottle and use to clean your fridge, bathroom sink and shower screen.

Using essential oils is a great way to leave a cleansing aroma in your home, without the harsh undertones of chemical scents. Air Aroma’s Essential oil range is made from 100% essential oils with no dilutions, no carrier oils, no additives and are derived directly from flowers, leaves, bark, wood, fruit peel and other plant elements. These pure plant extracts also have the added benefit that they carry the health and cleansing properties of their botanical origin. 

The Aromax is also a great and convenient way to disperse essential oils throughout your home without compromising the integrity and quality of the aroma. The Aromax uses our patented technology called cold-air diffusion that ensures that the quality of each fragrance is maintained throughout the entire diffusion process, unlike heated or evaporation methods. You no longer have to worry about the fire danger of candles with the Aromax and the result is a distinctive, beautiful and natural fragrance for guests to your home.

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