Multi-Sensory Marketing Considered Most Effective

Multi-Sensory Marketing Considered Most Effective

Many people believe the most effective form of marketing is visual as people trust and value something tangible that they can actually see. Although visual marketing is the oldest it is not necessarily the most effective. Many corporations now are placing a large emphasis on multi sensory marketing, as our brains are more likely to intensify and embed an experience with these types of interactions.

If we are more likely to remember the experience then we are also likely to remember their product or brand. The most effective environments are those that target all the sensors (sight, sound, taste, touch and smell) with use of the right lighting, sound, furnishings, and fragrance.

Brands like Harley Davidson use visual images and billboards along with the patented sound of their bike’s to market their products. Many retail stores today have successful in-store lighting, audio and layout however it is only recently that they have started to use scenting to create a true multi-sensory customer experience.

Image: Air Aroma scenting Rolls Royce Car Showrooms.

Car manufacturers such as Lexus & Rolls Royce have been known to use scent in their showrooms, alongside their beautiful cars and designer fashion stores such as Max Mara also use fragrances to amply their brand. Scenting adds a sense of luxury to the dealership or store, it can relax the customer and even lead them to stay in your store little longer. Bakeries and Patisseries have been marketing their products through scent for many years. The smell of freshly baked bread amplifies a persons taste and can attract an otherwise reluctant customer.

Many brands have also gone one step further and created their own exclusive fragrance known as a “signature scent”. These fragrances are created using unique recipes to match the environment or brand of your business.

Did you know that smell is the only sense that affects the memory and emotion part of the brain? Many companies today spend thousands of dollars on the right logo, store sign, merchandise, advertisement and look and feel of the store or shop. All of these forms of marketing are important, however given smell is considered most powerful stimulus known it seems logical to also target this sense.

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