What is Aropromo?

Aropromo is an award winning (POS) point of sale scent marketing solution that enables brands to create truly multi-sensory promotional campaigns. Aropromo lets you incorporate scent into your product display or billboard, enticing customers to interact and experience your product through scent.

Points of sale displays are intended to draw-in a customer’s attention and highlight new products or special offers. Designed to emit the scent of the product being displayed, Aropromo works to enhance the visuals, text and packaging taking advertising displays to the next level.

Scent Study:
Air Aroma partnered with Unilever to successfully create a nation-wide scented Point of Sale campaign for Unilever antiperspirant brand, Axe – Apollo.

Designed around you

Clever, compact and affordable, Aropromo is completely customizable to your brand. Aropromo allows you to integrate your visual branding together with your product fragrance into a unique point of sale display. Customers can interact with the display through a push button or on a time interval to release your scent. The result is a point of purchase scent diffuser and fragrance that is branded entirely your own.

Ajax Aropromo

Your Brand

Aropromo is all about your brand. Our perfumers, designers and brand strategists work collaboratively with your company taking into consideration your visuals, artwork and overall marketing message to create a promotional display that your customers won’t forget

Your Display

Aropromo is designed to fit into your point of purchase display. The battery operated scent device comes in a variety of sizes, so whether you’re looking to scent a large billboard or a small in-store display, Aropromo is flexible enough to fit into your display.

Your Scent

Aropromo uses your fragrance. By integrating your scent, Aropromo connects consumers directly to your product and brand, enabling them to experience your product or message in a more memorable and engaging way.

Aropromo receives POPAI Award

(POPAI) Point of Purchase Advertising International is the only not-for-profit global association exclusively dedicated to retail and shopper marketing. The annual awards showcase design and manufacturing talents of both producers and suppliers across the world, recognizing excellence within the industry.

Aropromo received the POPAI Technology & Innovation award for 2013. Aropromo was seen as a pioneering, clever, impactful and a bold point of purchase solution for the retail marketplace that is highly competitive and rapidly changing.

POPAI Awards Logo

Companies using Aropromo

Aropromo offers brands and marketers a powerful and effective way use fragrance as part of their multi-sensory promotional campaign. Combining both a visual and olfactory experience in-store product display.

Leading brands including Unilever and Colgate Palmolive have chosen Aropromo to create immersive point of sale experiences. Aropromo allows customers to interact and sample products such as perfumes, detergents, fabric softeners, shampoos, deodorant, food and beverages in a cost-effective way. Whether your business is large or small Aropromo is a creative and interactive way to connect with customers.