BBC Four Perfume Documentary

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Last year BBC 4 aired an interesting 3 part documentary series called perfume. The series examines the multi-billion-dollar global perfume industry, following the stories of perfumers, scientists and marketing gurus on their quest to win over the next generation of consumers. BBC gets insight from some of the leading perfumers from New York, London and Paris including Guerlain, Estee Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger and Hermes. For those of you that missed it you can now view it on Youtube.

BBC 4 Perfume: Something Old, Something New (Episode 1)
Episode 1, Part 1/4
Episode 1, Part 2/4
Episode 1, Part 3/4
Episode 1, Part 4/4

BBC 4 Perfume: Bottling the Memory (Episode 2)
Episode 2, Part 1/4
Episode 2, Part 2/4
Episode 2, Part 3/4
Episode 2, Part 4/4

BBC 4 Perfume: The Smell of the Future (Episode 3)
Episode 3, Part 1/4
Episode 3, Part 2/4
Episode 3, Part 3/4
Episode 3, Part 4/4


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Loved this documentary! Very insightful and interesting.

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