Lotte Signature Scent

The Lotte Hotels & Resorts scent “Embracing Moments” captures the warm hearted and genuine feel of the luxury hospitality brand, which has hotels around the world. The largest hotel group in South Korea, Lotte places extra care in the guest experience through extraordinary service for its guests, including warm and delicate attention to personal needs. Hotels are locally inspired with bold design and cultural experiences that capture unique traits of each location. With a focus on beautiful art, sustainable initiatives, and inspiring interior design, Lotte successfully captures the heart of its traveler. A heartfelt hotel experience is made more full with a Lotte signature scent that allows guests to embellish their memories and savor the overall brand experience in a unique and memorable way.

Scent Development Process

Embracing Moments, the Lotte Hotels & Resorts signature scent, aims to create a personalized and luxurious experience for guests. The scent is based around distinct spices cardamom, carrot seed, and ginger, which flicker through the body with sparks of inspiration and curious joy. The bright spices shine without overpowering the scent, which offers an overall sense of contentment. Asian inspired ginseng sings through top citrus notes of neroli and bergamot, while elegant violet and musk melt into the woody base of agarwood. The scent is fresh, warm and woody, creating a soothing balm that feels luxurious.

Designed to enhance hotel lobbies around the world, the Lotte signature scent is versatile and recognizable, instantly transforming Lotte’s diverse portfolio of architectural standouts.

Lotte Signature Scent

Lotte Hotels

Lotte New York Palace is an instantly recognizable top tier hotel in one of the most fashionable and central areas to New York City just next to 5th avenue, overlooking St.Patrick’s Cathedral and steps away from Rockefeller Center and Central Park. Combining the Villiard mansion and towers, the hotel boasts 900 rooms. A designated landmark building and featured often in the tv show Gossip Girl, the building has a grand stature and stately presence that is complimented by its signature scent.

Lotte Hotel Hanoi, the first 5-star property of Lotte Group, stands tall at 65 stories in the capital city of Vietnam. Blending gracious Korean hospitality with colorful Vietnamese culture, the shape of the building was designed mimic the shape of a traditional Vietnamese “ao dai,” Vietnam’s national dress.

Diffused in Lotte hotel lobbies around the world using Air Aroma’s Ecoscent diffuser systems, the Lotte signature scent effortlessly fills entrances with an instantly friendly and luxurious greeting.

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Lotte Scent

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