Fairmont Signature Scent

The Fairmont Hotel Scent is the result of close collaboration between Air Aroma and Fairmont Hotels.

For close to two years, Air Aroma and Fairmont worked to create the world’s first certified sustainable fragrance tailored for ambient scenting within the hotel industry. United by a shared commitment to environmental conservation and community well-being, the project ensured that every ingredient in Fairmont’s signature scent was sourced from local farmers, fostering positive impacts on their communities.

Fairmont, a distinguished luxury resort and hotel brand, boasts a global portfolio of over 70 exquisite properties worldwide. In a groundbreaking collaboration with Air Aroma in 2016, Fairmont harnessed Air Aroma’s expertise in crafting bespoke signature scents, employing high-fidelity diffusion technology, and executing seamless global scent solutions.

Air Aroma Scent Diffuser for Fairmont Hotels

Fairmont’s commitment to unwavering high standards across its collection of hotels and resorts, characterized by contemporary amenities and timeless elegance, is seamlessly extended to the scent branding program provided by Air Aroma.

Today, the Fairmont Hotel scent expands through property lobbies, creating an immediate sense of arrival and sophistication. Whether you’re visiting the iconic Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac or the elegant Fairmont Royal York, guests are welcomed by evocative decor, exceptional architecture, and an unforgettable olfactory experience.

Fairmont Hotel Scent

Fairmont Scent Products, A Touch of Luxury

Complementing ambient scenting, Fairmont introduced a line of branded candles and interior sprays. The Fairmont candle is thoughtfully crafted from sustainable materials, featuring a ceramic vessel that can be repurposed alongside eco-friendly wax. Available in both Classic Black and Iconic White designs, it offers a touch of luxury that guests can take home.

By integrating sustainable practices, evocative scents, and timeless elegance, Fairmont and Air Aroma have redefined the luxury hotel experience. Immerse yourself in a world of refined opulence that embraces both the environment and the senses.

A sincere warm welcoming experience for the sophisticated traveller.

Resinous Amber, subtle Vanilla Bourbon and Patchouli for a comforting feel. A touch of Maple, Sweet Cinnamon Bark and Blonde Tobacco for warmth. Earthy Fir Balsam, Birch Leaves, Blonde Wood and Cedar are rounded by warm White Musk. An elegant freshness of Neroli, Bergamot and spicy Pink Pepper with Cardamom to give prestige. Inspiring Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and soothing Mimosa for a pampered relaxation.

Fairmont Candle Iconic White
Fairmont Candle Classic Black

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