What is a Nose?

What is a Nose?

We often refer to people based on their skill or occupation. We label individuals who are in movies as Actors, people who serve customers as a Waiters, but what is a Nose?

A Nose is a term used to describe a perfume artist, someone who is capable of portraying moods, emotions and concepts through fragrance composition. A Nose is trained over many years to develop the knowledge of a large variety of fragrance ingredients and their smells, as well as understand how the ingredients change over time and how ingredients may be altered when combined with other ingredients.

One of France’s most remarkable perfumers, Edmond Roudnitska, described as the Mozart of perfumery, said… “To create new arrangements, new olfactory forms, it is enough that you think in odours, like a painter thinks in colours, and a musician in sounds.” 

Roudnitska’s most notable achievement in perfumery, is the 1956 fragrance, Diorissimo, based on the delicate floral scent of Lily Of The Valley. As the scent of Lily Of The Valley cannot be extracted, unlike other flowers such as Rose or Jasmine, Roudnitska created and solved this problem by reconstructing the smell of the beautiful flower that is now commonly used throughout the perfume industry.

Air Aroma works closely with some of the world’s best perfumers to create bespoke fragrances that evoke emotions and represent our clients needs. The perfumers go through an in-depth process of blending high quality perfume mixtures to capture the desired requirements of all our clients no matter what that might be. When working with master Noses, the creative olfactory art of perfumery is limitless.