The Scent of Lavender for a Good Night’s Sleep

The Scent of Lavender for a Good Night’s Sleep

Everyone likes clean-smelling sheets, but did you know that diffusing a certain fragrance in your bedroom can actually help you get a better night’s sleep? Diffusion of a lavender fragrance in the bedroom has been shown to have calming effects, and an increase of deep-sleep in men and women. A study by Wesleyan University found that “lavender serves as a mild sedative and has practical applications as a…method for promoting deep sleep”.

As part of the study 31 individuals completed 3 consecutive sleep sessions in a laboratory. Each individual received received an intermittent olfactory stimulus of lavender essential oils before sleeping. The lavender increased the deep or slow‐wave sleep in both men and women. As a result of the improved deep sleep, the test subjects reported higher vigor the morning after lavender exposure.

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To read the study in full, click here.

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