Real Estate and The Role of Scent

Real Estate and The Role of Scent

Attract the right buyers in Real Estate through scent. Finding a new home or business provides an exciting opportunity for a new phase of life with a fresh perspective. Maybe it’s about expansion or downsizing, trying a new location or style.

The First Impression

With more access to view spaces online, there’s increased competition in considering the right choice for the right needs. When one decides to set up a viewing, the impact of that in person meeting carries a bit more weight, and every element can help someone make the right choice in a moment’s notice. Property developers, interior designers, real estate agents and architects all have a common goal: to create a memorable first impression. One knows almost instantly if they are interested or not; studies have shown that within seconds, 80% of prospective buyers will know if the space is one they want. Simply creating an aesthetically pleasing potential home or business has served as the main focus in attracting potential buyers and renters in the past, but today building owners are taking advantage of scent marketing to stand out amongst competitors and make the space even more desirable.

Welcome Home with Scent

Scent has been known to make a home more inviting, as it creates the psychological impression that a space is “nice” with enhanced perception. Noticing a pleasant scent ignites our emotional and memorable parts of our brain, creating a moment of appreciation. The right scent can enhance one’s perception of your home, making it feel more luxurious and exclusive. When a potential buyer or resident feels comfortable in their potential “home”, they will be more inspired to make an offer or rent the space. Conversely, a poor smell can immediately discourage clients from pursuing the space. As sensory beings, we are always picking up on the scent of a space, whether conscious or subconscious, so introducing a pleasant scent can be used to advantage. Dated scent methods like baking cookies or using a strong plug in device aren’t as recommended as using an ambient scent diffuser for a subtle consistent scent. For over twenty years Air Aroma has provided the diffusion equipment and fragrances for residential and commercial buildings around the world. Air Aroma’s fresh fragrances like Illuminate and Lemongrass Tea in a diffuser like the Aroscent can provide the perfect complement to an interior space.

Scent Marketing in Residential Spaces

Scent marketing can also increase the value of your home or building, as clients typically perceive a scented space as better quality and are willing to pay more to become residents. It is recommended to scent the entrance of your home or lobby of your residential building, as this will be the first impression. Other areas that can be scented are public areas such as amenities and corridors, as well as spaces where you have the opportunity to truly showcase the building such as a sales center, leasing office and model units. For buildings in the commercial real estate industry, a scented space sends a message of cleanliness, attention to detail, and quality. Some of the best real estate companies worldwide have trusted Air Aroma to help generate positive arrival experiences and influence perception of their brand through scent marketing. Scent is the most important sense when it comes to our memories and emotions, and when one is introduced to a unique fragrance, it has the power to create a lasting memory.

With the real estate market becoming more competitive than ever, contact Air Aroma today to make your space a place your customers can picture themselves loving every day.