Smell, Experience, Remember

Smell, Experience, Remember

It’s no secret that experiential marketing creates incredible results for businesses, reaching consumers on a personal level, appealing to their emotions and desire for thoughtfully tailored experiences.

With a strong increase in experiential marketing campaigns and a projected spend of $740 billion by 2020 in the U.S alone, businesses of all sectors can interact with their audiences through carefully curated interactions. Essentially, experiential marketing is a concept whereby companies take the essence of a product and amplify it into a set of tangible, physical and interactive experiences that reinforce the offer reaching consumers through an experience to stimulate emotion and connection to the brand. Unlike the traditional view of the consumer as seeking rational features-and-benefits, experiential marketing views consumers as emotional beings concerned with achieving pleasurable experiences. With endless opportunities, the concept of experiential marketing encompasses a vast array of connections crafted to each brand and target consumer.

From Instagram-worthy celebratory events, adrenaline inducing sports achievements, to promoting exotic bucket-list holiday destinations, brands are competing to gain meaningful emotional ties through these campaigns. Whilst the experiences seek to creatively stimulate sensory touch points, linking the experiential marketing campaign to a unique fragrance can encourage stronger emotional connections and even scent-recall, promoting vivid and pleasant memories of the experience. After all, it is our sense of smell that is directly related to both our emotions and memory, more persuasive than all other senses. By incorporating a fitting fragrance matching the theme or objective of the campaign, customers are totally immersed in a multisensory and unforgettable experience.

Imagine receiving an exclusive invitation from a renowned spirit label to a secret pop-up whiskey bar. Upon entering the dimly lit space, you are transported back in time – you see the glimmering bottles lining the bar, feel the warmth of the roaring fireplace, taste the complexity of the rare whisky, hear the ragtime music and most importantly smell a cozy and nostalgic blend of creamy sandalwood, smoky-sweet tobacco, caramelized amber and a spritz of bergamot enhancing the sense of mystique and sensuality. This sensory experience coupled with the bespoke fragrance is translated into a long-term memory, as a fragrance evokes memories that are more emotional than memories created through other senses. 

With the undeniable success of experiential marketing, it is only logical to combine the added benefits of scent marketing to the overall campaign and strategy for an increased perception of personal connection, eliciting emotional responses and promoting long lasting memories of the brand experience. Reach out to Air Aroma and learn more about how fragrance can elevate your experiential marketing campaign.