SHIGA S/S 2015 Collection “plants” x Air Aroma

SHIGA S/S 2015 Collection “plants” x Air Aroma

Contemporary Japanese fashion brand Shiga crafts designs of modern sophistication with a touch of natural feminine flair, incorporating ideas and inspirations of nature, fluidity, and eclectic elegance. Ryota Shiga is an innovative Japanese fashion designer born in Fukishima Japan in 1985. After graduating from Fugino Fashion University, he moved to Italy to pursue his fashion design career, and shortly thereafter established his own fashion brand Ryota Shiga, which has recently been launched as the singular “Shiga.” 

As part of the launch at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO Air Aroma added to the sensory experience of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection “plants” by incorporating a natural essential oil blend into the exhibition. A unique clear floral scent with notes of lavender and eucalyptus was diffused throughout the show, blending seamlessly with the aesthetic of the “plants” collection. 

Designer Ryota Shiga advised, “I want to taste the collection in the five senses.” Tokyo magazine ADD spoke about the scent as “a beautiful sweetness in the freshness; such smell had filled the exhibition space.” The space also included plants to enhance the idea of beauty and sophistication, while honoring the life force of nature. Shiga’s S/S 2015 collection “plants” was a refreshing and noble take on natural sophistication, embracing elegant drapery of navy blue silk, playful patterns and textures layered over solid materials with colors of dark green and white. Ryota Shiga has received a number of awards for his designs, including the Chivas Brothers Young Entrepreneurs Fund Award in 2012 and the Lenzing and Tencel Award Ethical Fashion Show in Paris in 2011. 

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