Dental Clinics Using Relaxing Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Dental Clinics Using Relaxing Essential Oil Aromatherapy

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Park City, Park City Dental Spa is more than just a dentist, they are a spa and their aim is to create a truly relaxing experience for their clients. To enhance the experience they offer complementary facial and hand treatments and guests enjoy soothing spa sounds and are enhanced by calming aromatherapy.

Park City Dental Spa uses all Eco friendly and non toxic chemicals on premises, so 100% natural essential oils were also a must for the aromatherapy experience. Bergamot Burst essential oil creates a clean and fresh feeling while relaxing guests at the Spa. 

“Park City Dental Spa offers a tranquil environment for our patients. The calming aromatherapy smells delivered by Air Aroma, not only set our office apart, but provides the tranquility we desire.”

Dr. Jim and Dawnetta Abraham

Enhancing the customer experience through the use of Essential Oils was important for Park City Dental Spa, and their customers are now enjoying every moment and keep coming back.

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