No Smoke and No Bacteria Steriwater

No Smoke and No Bacteria Steriwater

Today Air Aroma is proud to release No Smoke and No Bacteria Steriwater to its health range. Both products are available in convenient spray bottles ideal for home use or travelling.

No Smoke Steriwater

No Smoke Steriwater is a powerful cigarette and tobacco smoke remover, proven to eliminate bad odors & neutralize the air. This product works by breaking down the nasty chemical substances found within tobacco and cigarette smoke. Once these chemical substances found within the smoke have been broken down they immediately lose their smell and odor and the result leaves the air feeling revitalized and clean.

No Bacteria Steriwater

No Bacteria Steriwater is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral formula that eliminates infectious pathogens and the spread of viruses instantly. Scientific tests results have proven that No Bacteria Steriwater destroys 99.95% of bacteria and viruses. No Bacteria Steriwater was developed in Japan by a team of internationally renowned doctors and professors at Japan’s leading University of Technology.

Both the 2.5ml and 50ml are available on the Air Aroma online store from $7.00 plus shipping. Visit the Online Store for further details.