Improving ‘Hospital Smell’ with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Improving ‘Hospital Smell’ with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

There’s a certain smell in hospitals, which for many people immediately conjures up negative feelings and associations as soon as they arrive.

Like many odors, this distinctive smell can bring back memories and influence a person’s mood. Being surrounded by odors that have adverse associations can result in a negative atmosphere, impacting on the emotional state of staff members and patients.

With healthcare employees frequently frustrated, suffering from high stress levels, hospitals are using to Air Aroma scent machines to release therapeutic, anti-bacterial calming scents into Hospital corridors, waiting rooms and staffing areas.

For those who work in Hospitals, the smell is a familiar one. Healthcare professionals are constantly surrounded by stressful situations and having these memories and feelings triggered by smell, is something the heath care industry are now actively to improving with Air Aroma.

Hospitals, Dental Practices and Doctors offices are increasingly using to Air Aroma scent machines to diffuse calming anti-bacterial Essential Oils into their clinics and patient rooms. The use of citrus-based essential oil such as Illuminate and Zuri aim remove the ‘Hospital smell’ and improve the workplace environment for staff and patients. 

Studies conducted with staff who work in most stressful area, the Emergency Room, indicate that prior to using essential oils over 40% of workers were stressed, after diffusing essential oils only 3% of staff members were left feeling stressed. Similar results were found with frustration levels with over half of the workers frustrated before diffusing essential oils followed by an an amazing 6% after diffusing essential oils. 

The use of essential oils as a complimentary therapy, not only forms a positive effect for those sick patients but leaves healthcare environments fresh and clean for patients, staff and visitors alike. 

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