Fragrance Composition

Fragrance Composition

What is a note? We are not referring to a hand written letter or information from your office meeting! In fragrance, a “note” signifies the distinct parts of oil that can be noticed upon usage. There are three main notes that help to create the complex aroma blend. 

The top note refers to the first impression you get from a fragrance. This is the first thing you smell when you are introduced to the fragrance. Top notes are generally fresh and light because they are raw materials, which are fleeting fast and are highly volatile. Some common top notes are citrus and herbs. 

After smelling the fragrance a second time, you pick up on some additional ingredients; these are the middle notes. The middle notes consist of the core composition of a fragrance, and are generally the most dominant in the blend. These become noticeable after the top notes have dissipated. Some common middle notes are flowers and fruits. 

The last component of a fragrance is the base notes. According to perfume expert Michael Edwards, “these are the foundation of the fragrance, the notes that bind the other ingredients together.” Base notes are generally heavy, warm, and subdued, to give a long lasting impression. Some examples of base notes are woods and gourmand ingredients. 

The mixture of top, middle, and base notes create the complex blend of our fragrances. At Air Aroma we work diligently to ensure there is the perfect composition of notes to present the ideal fragrance in your space. To learn more about our fragrances, please contactyour local Air Aroma team!