Forest Scents and Essential Oil Health Benefits

Forest Scents and Essential Oil Health Benefits

The forest: clean, fresh air, a quiet atmosphere, and beautiful scenery. There are many reasons to love the outdoors, but did you know that outdoorsy scents like evergreen and cypress could have health benefits? Scientists in Japan have discovered that the scents of nature help to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase cancer-fighting proteins in the bloodstream!

Qing Li, an associate professor from the Hygiene and Public Health department at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, studied phytoncides, the name for breathable substances produced by trees and other plants. Dr. Li found a correlation between increased exposure to phytoncides and better health after testing subjects who went on daytrips into the forest. The evidence is so rock solid that research institutes dedicated to this field of study are starting to pop up around the world, including the International Society of Forest Medicine with Qing Li as it’s Secretary General. 

But how can we create these effects when we’re not able to get out into Mother Nature? Many people don’t have the time to spend walking through the woods, and those of us living in urban areas often don’t have access to a forest! Even people who can get to the great outdoors can be driven inside by heat waves and allergies. Through the use of essential oils, derived from plants, we may be able to replicate the benefits seen in Dr. Li’s studies.

Air Aroma has a range of essential oils designed to create a relaxing, stress-free, and healthy environment available for commercial and home use. Essential oils like Alpine AirBreathe EasyConditioning, and Evergreen have respiratory benefits making them ideal fitness, spa and health care environments. 

Air Aroma’s patented “cold-air diffusion” ensures the natural properties of essential oils are retained when diffusing into the air. Traditional oil burners and plug-in scent devices use heat to warm and diffuse the aroma into the air. This method of diffusion changes the nature of the essential oil, often transforming the composition into a thick sticky residue, resulting in damaging the beneficial aromatic compounds. Air Aroma’s cold air technology maximizes the therapeutic benefits in respiratory conditions creating a pure and natural experience indoors.

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