Moooi Showroom Scented by Air Aroma

Moooi Showroom Scented by Air Aroma

Sometimes a piece of design is so beautifully engineered that it completely transforms a space. Marcel Wanders, co-owner of and designer for Dutch brand Moooi is one of those world-renowned designers. His designs transform, surprise and mesmerize.

During the 2011 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Marcel wanted to take the Moooi experience to the next level by diffusing multiple scents in the Milan showroom. For this, he and business partner Casper Vissers, worked with Air Aroma to select two contrasting fragrances; dark amber and white tea.

While entering the Moooi showroom in Milan, visitors were immediately greeted by the mysterious dark notes of the amber fragrance.  When walking further into the showroom the dark amber fragrance slowly faded into the light notes of the white tea fragrance. Combined with the uniquely designed objects and panoramic set up of the showroom, the fragrances took visitors through a complete multi-sensory journey.

For those who want to experience the same journey, visit the Moooi Gallery in Amsterdam where currently the white tea fragrance is being diffused.

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