DAYSPA Magazine Features Air Aroma

DAYSPA Magazine Features Air Aroma

Famous Spa magazine DAYSPA, this month featured Air Aroma in a fragrance special, entitled ‘The Sweet Smell of Success’. They report on the importance of olfactory branding for Spas and Salons as a way of not only differentiating themselves from their competition, but also adding a sense of luxury and prestige to their brand.

Read the full article by DAYSPA Magazine below:

Exclusive treatments, unique décor and signature customer service all help to develop a strong spa brand. But don’t forget about scent marketing!

While aromatherapy has long been a staple in spa treatment, helping to propel clients to new levels of relaxation, some businesses, such as Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Dessange Salon, are also utilizing the power of smell as a potent marketing tool. The longstanding salon recently partnered with Air Aroma to develop a signature fragrance designed to complement the salon’s style,
location and clientele.

“Diffusing an exclusive fragrance throughout our premises has amplified our brand identity, created a singular ambiance for our clients, employees and guests, and differentiated our business from our competitors,” says Olivier Meyjonade, owner of Dessange.

The salon’s singular scent features base notes of cedar wood and sandalwood combined with fruity and floral top notes such as fi g and violet. To keep the unique aroma flowing strong, the spa uses Air Aroma’s Aroslim fragrance diffuser (pictured), which features a modern slim design that blends seamlessly into typical spa and salon décor.

For more information on this project see our blog story on Dessange Salon released earlier this year here

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