Aromatherapy Oils in the Home Tips

Aromatherapy Oils in the Home Tips

1. Air freshener
Combine your favourite fragrance or essential oil with a diffuser to refresh the air in your home. A diffuser is a fast and effective way of spreading an aroma in an even and efficient manner. A few drops in your trash can or rubbish bin is also a great way to clear nasty smells.

2. Assist with sleep and relaxation
If you have trouble sleeping at night a few drops of lavender oil or Ylang Ylang on your pillow can be a great way to unwind and distress. Try adding a few aromatherapy drops to your bath to assist with elevating stress and anxiety or rub the oil into sore, tense muscles during massage.

3. Linen and laundry fragrance
Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to your laundry detergent to give a fresh and clean scent to your washing. Use an aromatherapy fragrance spray to leave a lingering scent on your clean linens or even use while ironing clothes. An essential oil is an effective way to rid your washing of nasty oils smells and assists to kill bacteria, important if you have pets in the home.

4. Sports stimulant
Need an extra boost while working out? Try using a Bergamot or Orange fragrance during exercise. They will provide uplifting and invigorating properties to reduce exhaustion and also assist to focus breathing, which is essential while training.

5. Cleaning
A few drops of a lemon or orange essential oil on your cleaning cloth to wipe surfaces or mixed with water in a surface spray for your fridge is a great way to leave a cleansing aroma without the harsh undertones of chemical scents that are often found in many household cleaning products. Essential oils also retain the cleansing properties of their botanical origin.