Seven Nightclub Introduces Scenting By Air Aroma

Seven Nightclub Introduces Scenting By Air Aroma

Seven Nightclub has been at the forefront of the Melbourne clubbing scene since it opened its doors back in 1999 and is synonymous with the finest dance music and wildest parties. Located in South Melbourne, the club space recently underwent a renovation by esteemed architects Six Degrees including an installation of the latest high tech sound and lighting equipment.

The clubs reputation means that it attracts the best DJ’s (International and local) and the hottest most exclusive crowd. Now Seven patrons are set for an enhanced and more luxurious experience at Seven Nightclub, as Cherry Blossom scent has been introduced into the club. Following the trend of the major nightclub brands form Europe and America, Seven Nightclub is the first nightclub within Australia to use scenting within its venue. Air Aroma Australia is proud to be the chosen scent advisor and supplier.

The Seven management team understood that creating a pleasant environment for their customers through scent can enhance the experience of their visitors which helps ensure their reputation as one of the best clubs is guaranteed into the future.

Scenting not only helps get rid of nasty smells in clubs like body odours and unpleasant cigarette smells but creates an atmosphere which is clean and puts patrons in the right mood. If patrons are enjoying the atmosphere they are also more likely to stay longer and you are also more likely to get a return visit.

Seven Nightclub can now deliver the ultimate clubbing experience, with an amazing fit out, the latest lighting and sound technology, the best DJ’s and cocktails and now a beautiful scent throughout the entire club.

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