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Scent for Bars and Nightclubs

Scenting in Nightclubs & Bars

Nightclubs rely on various branding techniques to draw crowds through the doors and to differentiate themselves from competitors. When patrons enter the club or venue the experience needs to excite and stimulate to ensure a memorable night out. With guests paying top dollar for VIP tables they expect the best possible experience with all the trimmings. A pleasant and subtle fragrance can lead to an improved perceived quality of the environment and can enhance the mood of guests, causing them to stay out for longer.

Undesirable aromas like smoke, alcohol, and body odors are a constant battle for club owners to ensure an overall pleasant experience for their guests. These difficulties lead to the wide adoption of ambient scenting within nightclubs, to both improve the dance club environment and mask/break down the unwanted odors.

Fragrance Fact

“Given that visitors gave a better evaluation for the clubs, felt more cheerful, and showed more dancing activity when scents were diffused, environmental fragrancing may be expected to have a positive effect on visitor return rate and future revenue for clubs.”

Schifferstein HNJ et al (2011)

Create a memorable environment

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. The use of an enticing and distinct scent can create a positive association with your brand and experience that keep customers coming back to your venue, as well as recommending it to others.

Air Aroma has designed bespoke custom scents for premier clubs around the world. Whether you’re incorporating the scent through the HVAC or with our designer standalone systems blending seamlessly with modern interiors, patrons are sure to enjoy the energizing and fresh ambiance.

Brand Advocates

Promotes positive brand memories and create brand advocates

Functional Fragrances

Create any mood and ambiance through the use of custom designed scents.

Add scent to your nightclub

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