Louis Vuitton Scent

The world’s most valuable luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, entrusted Air Aroma to design and produce a custom signature store scent that is diffused in over 40 showrooms globally. Considering important factors like brand history, product materials, and historical context, the Louis Vuitton scent is a unique reflection of the brand that subdues time and captures the essence of luxury and craftsmanship.

The elegant leather scent was designed by Air Aroma perfumers in Paris, working with Louis Vuitton headquarters to ensure the fragrance was perfectly tailored to the brand keystones.  Looking back to its roots and rich French history, the store scent captures the heart of innovation at the time following the industrial revolution, when new ideas helped shape the future of tomorrow and lasting legacies were created. The notes of leather, tobacco, moss, patchouli, and anise were woven together to create a scent profile that is warm, sophisticated, woody, and leathery.

Crafting the Scent, Weaving through History

Inspired by Louis Vuitton’s early successful luggage trunks or steamship bags, which provided stylish travel accessories for those starting to travel by train for pleasure at the turn of the century, the fragrance mirrors the artistry of the handmade quality materials and echoes the components of brown leather and gold brass hardware found in the trunks. The gold intricate locks were created to secure goods inside the luggage trunks, and the sheen detail of this inspired a smooth luxe fragrance profile.

Louis Vuitton opened his atelier in Paris in 1854 after apprenticing with a trunk maker starting at the young age of 16. To this day, craftspeople still create and produce in the atelier. It was this commitment to skill and artistry that motivated the scent note of tobacco, which carries a rich workmanship history.

Louis Vuitton store scent

The heart of the fragrance

The leather note is most noticeable as the heart of the fragrance, which comprises some of the brand’s most iconic product materials. Melancholic, smoky and refined with age, leather encompasses a particular timeless feeling of the brand and doesn’t rely on changing trends, a task that was important in the scent design. The scent creates a warm sophisticated profile with a touch of spice and depth, feeling historic yet modern, classic and luxurious.

Louis Vuitton crafting leather
Louis Vuitton Monogram Details

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