The Sapphire Dinner 2024 Scented by Air Aroma

The Sapphire Dinner 2024 Scented by Air Aroma

Air Aroma & The Sapphire Project

Air Aroma was honoured to be the official scent journey partner for The Sapphire Dinner 2024, which was held June 20th to highlight the importance of ocean conservation. Attendees included leaders and philanthropists, art patrons, politicians, marine scientists, and prevalent media. Installing an oceanic style fragrance called Deep Dive via HVAC connected Ecoscent diffusers, the ambient scent filled the space effortlessly, transforming it into an aquatic environment fully realized by the accompanying visuals and soundscapes. The Sapphire Dinner scent worked in tandem with mesmerizing projections, live musicians, dancers, and lighting design reflective of the deep waters.

The Sapphire Project is an Australian-based initiative dedicated to raising funds and awareness for ocean conservation. The project supports organizations focused on protecting and preserving marine ecosystems, particularly the Great Barrier Reef. It aims to unite and inspire communities to take action in safeguarding oceans by promoting sustainability and hosting events.

The Sapphire Project Dinner 2024 Scent

Scenting A Unique Event Location

Held at the Tank at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the exclusive event was the first ever dinner in this impressive exhibition space, which has been transformed from a former World War II fuel tank into a monumental art venue. Part of the Sydney Modern Project, this 2,200-square-metre underground tank offers a unique environment for large-scale art installations, with a postindustrial appearance and special heritage character. The Sapphire Dinner scent breathed new life into the space and connected the senses for a memorable and touching effect.

Raising over $1.6 million to safeguard the precious marine ecosystems and the many lives that depend on it, the event was a huge success. Significant funds will go towards supporting Great Barrier Reef Foundation for reef rescue and restoration with additional grants to University of Sydney, Lizard Island Research Station, Biopixel Oceans Foundation, and Australian Sea Lion Recovery Foundation. Fellow partners of the event included Tiffany & Co, Range Rover, and Moet & Chandon. Air Aroma provided a luxury raffle prize of a signature scent package, offering bespoke scent design and ambient scenting services.

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