The scent of an Apple product, sourcing the Macbook Pro fragrance.

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Greatest Hits is an artistic collaborative group comprising of Melbourne based artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer & Simon McGlinn. A few months ago these young artists approached Air Aroma seeking assistance with creation of a unique fragrance for their upcoming art exhibition. The aroma requested for the project was the scent of an Apple product being opened for the first time.

A distinctive scent can be observed when unwrapping a newly purchased Apple product from its packaging. Apple fans will certainly recognize this smell. The scent created for Greatest Hits encompasses the smell of the plastic wrap covering the box, printed ink on the cardboard, the smell of paper and plastic components within the box and of course the aluminum laptop which has come straight from the factory where it was assembled in China.

The process of creating this signature fragrance started with an initial meeting with our client to understand the concept and desired effect of the fragrance. Once this was established, the ingredients for the fragrance had to be sourced. The scent requested by our client was quite unusual so we contacted our fragrance suppliers in the South of France to send over samples of fragrances with the aroma of glue, plastic, rubber and paper. Air Aroma fragrance designers then used these samples as ingredients to create a range of signature blend fragrances. The blends, each with unique recipes were then tested in the Air Aroma laboratory until a final fragrance was ultimately selected.

To replicate the smell a brand new unopened Apple was sent to our fragrance lab in France. From there, professional perfume makers used the scents they observed unboxing the new Apple computer to source fragrance samples. On completion the laptop was sent back to Australia, travelling nearly 50,000kms and returned to our clients together with scent of an Apple Macbook Pro.

The fragrance will be diffused with the Air Aroma Aroslim diffuser for the duration of their artistic exhibition in Melbourne. The fragrance forms part of their exhibition at West Space, which is entitled ‘De facto Standard’. The Apple unboxing scent was created for use at this particular exhibition only and is not available for purchase on our online retail store for personal use.

When is it on?

West Space - Level 1, 225 Bourke Street
Melbourne - April 20th – May 12th

For details about the exhibition please visit the West space website.

For more information on the artistic collaboration group Greatest Hits visit their website

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Please put it on sale, I love it, and would purchase it like air freshener!!

where can I buy?I want to buy.

That is awesome! I love when new unique scents are created. I would imagine electronics retailers would overuse something like this though.

Since I have bought my mac i have been wondering about the aroma which is being emitted from it ,
I shared this with my friends who own a mac and they also mentioned they have felt this scent too ,
how coooool , !
iOs products are the beSst :)

Is the smell similar to a new plastic anime backpack?? if soo...THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN WANTING ALLL MY LIFE D:

They should really auction this fragrance off and put the proceeds towards a charity, so that the funds could better help people with out electronics and software appliances, Not only would I be willing to purchase this item as Im all for apple macintosh and its products, but it would be nice to be able to bid for it and have the funds go to where its needed not just to serve our needs of cosmetic satisfaction.

When Steve job passed did you see apple put any sort of funding towards the pancreatic cancer foundation no, I think there are more ways in which a notable and reputable company like apple can help better peoples lives and further help find a cure which may of prevented the death of such charismatic and well loved figures of our time.


Frederic, you hit the nail on the head. CDG 53 is oddly, unwearably amazing! MUST BUY!

Downloading stuff from this web site is as trouble-free |as clicking the mouse rather than other sites which move me here and there on the pages.

Make a scent that smells exactly like a new Super Nintendo or Nintendo 64, or chocolate chipped cookies, and a toffee scented perfume!

Wow, I can't believe you're not going to sell this. This is a very special fragrance that I think you could make a lot of people very happy with. Come on!

This is great! I love those synthetic scents like Odeur 53 by comme des garçons etc... I absolutely want this... Where's that damn buy button??? :)

When will this come in new NES or super nintendo or sega genesis smell?

Awesome. If there is an Apple on it I'll stand in line for a week to buy it.

Sell this aroma it would be a best seller what are you waiting?

I would buy this just for the fun of it! You should release the scent!

The Kriss Kross cover is part of the exhibition flyer / invite from what Im seeing on the West Space website.

why you have used the "kriss kross - greatest hits" album cover for the screenie?

I would love this. I always loved the smell of new stuff and this would just make me love it even more.

I seriously love Apple products. I have bought nearly everything I can get my hands on!

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