Spa and Salons Scenting

Scenting for Spas & Salons

With an increased importance on emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, the concept of self care has become an essential ritual. Day spas, salons, skin clinics and beauty therapy providers must craft an oasis, transporting clients away from the daily stresses to focus on relaxation and rejuvenation.

Utilise the power of scent with a calming fragrance that marks the beginning of the wellness journey. A tranquil fragrance that envelops the client from the moment they enter your doors will set the tone for the ultimate pampering experience, enhancing the relaxing atmosphere while crafting fond memories which contribute to increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Incorporate elements of your spa scent into a bespoke treatment, allowing guests to indulge in the olfactive signature of your brand for a complete and holistic scent strategy.

The connection between smell and emotion is stronger than any other sense. Fragrances have the ability to instantly shift mood, assisting with relieving stress and promoting relaxation while creating emotional and memorable connections with your clients.

Scent systems for Spas & Salons

Achieve your objective and elevate the atmosphere of your business with an added sense of luxury. Transform your spa or salon with aromatherapy and select from unlimited fragrance choices or design a signature scent unique to the brand.

With Air Aroma’s cold air diffusion technology in all scenting equipment, the natural therapeutic benefits of essential oils are preserved, and you can expect a consistent and reliable fragrance experience. Contact Air Aroma to discuss your scenting options, learn about our natural fragrances and cold-air diffusion technology.

Competitive edge

Improve your Salon and Spa by scenting the entrance, reception, salon & spa spaces, waiting areas and relaxation rooms.

Repeat visits

Create repeat visits to your Spa while building brand loyalty with olfactory marketing.

Start scenting your Spa and Salon

Contact an Air Aroma representative, we’ll get your business smelling great in no time.