Residential Scenting
Signature Scent for Residential Homes

Scents for homes

For close to two decades Air Aroma has been creating beautiful fragrances for private homes and residential buildings around the world. We create more than nice-smelling homes, we create custom tailored fragrances paired with beautifully designed scent diffusion systems for unrivaled results.

By working closely with property developers, interior designers, architects, and individual home owners, we guarantee seamless integration for our clients. Those looking for high quality and beautifully designed scent solutions are now able to implement the same technologies as their favorite hotel into their own home. With self-installation or full service options both available, Air Aroma’s flexible solutions can cater to you or your client’s needs.

Research found that 84% of people were willing to pay more money for products when scent was present

(Hirsch 1999) – Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Ltd

Signature Scents for Real Estate

A custom designed signature scent can be developed for a pre-marketing listing edge, adding an exclusive and luxurious impact to potential buyers. The signature scent can be perfectly tailored to match the interiors and location of the home as well as making the home feel welcoming and livable. Our Ecoscent HVAC-connected scent delivery systems can also be sold as a fixture of the home and thereby used as a selling feature in your market listing to buyers.

Air Aroma fragrances and diffusers are beloved by everyone from royalty to celebrities. Whether you have a small apartment, a suburban home, luxury residential development or a wellness home, Air Aroma has the right scent solution. Ecoscent delivers discrete HVAC home scenting, while the designer Aroscent is perfect for localized scenting and individual rooms. Air Aroma scent diffusers are compatible with home automation integration systems.

Custom scent creation for your home

Create your very own signature scent for your home that reflects your personal style

Sell your home faster and for more

Add value to your property with the inclusion of an integrated scent machine

Add scent to your home

Contact an Air Aroma representative, we’ll get your business smelling great in no time.