Golf and Country Clubs Scenting

Scenting Country Club Resort

Create a positive impression with members and guests through scent. Our sense of smell is directly connected to the formation of memories and emotions with specific fragrances being able to transport you to your most cherished moments. Adding the right scent to your golf & country club is one of the most powerful ways to connect with members and guests and create a positive association with your brand.

A welcoming and luxurious fragrance throughout the entrance, clubhouse, pro shop and locker rooms can encourage members to linger longer and perceive service levels more favourably, for higher customer retention and loyalty.

First impressions are everything. The use of a signature scent can create the perfect resort experience and build customer loyalty for your resort.

Scent systems for Golf and Country Clubs

A fragrance should blend seamlessly with elements within the club like interior décor and lighting for a cohesive and enriching ambience. Undesired scents from food, alcohol and body odors can detract from the prestige of the club house. Ensure a consistent scent strategy for a truly sophisticated golf experience, eliminating unwanted smells and implementing an unforgettable fragrance.

Invigorating fragrances to inspire the perfect round of tennis or golf. A scent echoing the freedom, relaxation, luxury, and beautiful natural surroundings associated with golf will connect with your members and provide an emotional and memorable impact.

Elevate your golf & country club experience in a unique and memorable way and contact Air Aroma today to discuss adding a scent diffuser to your Country Club.

Immediate results

Scent has the power immediately enhance your member and guest experience from the moment they walk into your country club or resort.

Customer retention

The right fragrance can encourage members and guests to linger longer and create long term brand advocates.

Start scenting your Golf & Country Club

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