Dental Practices Scenting

Scenting for Dental Clinics

A routine visit to the dentist causes anxiety amongst as many as 75% of patients. One of the most powerful ways to reduce patient stress is to implement a scent strategy that welcomes, calms and comforts patients, to create an atmosphere that is safe, secure and relaxing.

A pleasant fragrance throughout the entrance, reception area, waiting room and exam rooms will relate back to fond memories and emotions, reducing negative feelings commonly associated with the dentist. This is because our sense of smell is directly connected to the portion of our brain that generates memories and emotions.

Enhance the patient experience with thoughtful fragrances that calm and relax. Scenting can ease patient apprehension and encourage repeat visits and referrals for your surgery, clinic or practice.

Scent diffusers for dental practices

A calming and comforting fragrance will eliminate any clinical odors while creating an approachable atmosphere enhancing patient satisfaction and retention. An enjoyable trip to the dental clinic is critical to crafting a loyal patient base and ultimately increasing your bottom line.

Enhance patient satisfaction at your dental clinic with a calming fragrance. Contact Air Aroma to discuss your options.

Competitive edge

Create a better experience for your patients by scenting the entrance, reception and waiting areas at your dental practice.

Loyal Patients

Create happier patients that refer your practice and return time and time again by adding a scent strategy today.

Start scenting your dental practice

Contact an Air Aroma representative, we’ll get your dental practice smelling great in no time.