For a Workout Boost, Turn to Scent

11 July, 2016

For a Workout Boost, Turn to Scent

Most fitness brands know that creating a welcoming, pleasant environment for potential clients is crucial to building a strong relationship and setting up a foundation where clients want to return. Scent helps visitors get the best overall impression of a brand and a space, as it creates the strongest memory link. A signature scent fuses with the design, sound and feel of a space to create the perceived feel of the brand; all of these details are necessary in creating a positive consumer experience.

When approaching a workout, people generally want to feel alert, inspired and focused. Starting with motivation at the beginning, continuing with focus and endurance, and ending feeling accomplished and revived are key indicators of a successful workout. A central player in this can be using peppermint essential oil, which has been proven to increase fitness performance and endurance by a whopping 50%. Breathing in peppermint creates an instant jolt of energy and focus. Other mint and citrus fragrances like eucalyptus and lemon have been proven to create a sense of community, efficiency and decrease perceived effort. Alan Hirsch, neurologist, psychologist, and director of Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation mentions that “citrus, mint and eucalyptus all stimulate the trigeminal nerve, which in turn wakes up the reticular activating system, which contributes to feelings of alertness.”

Air Aroma offers a diverse range of fragrances and essential oil blends suited for different fitness environments. Our Cardio essential oil has been specially designed to stimulate cardiovascular workouts. This motivating and revitalizing fragrance has antibacterial and respiratory benefits provided by niaouli, fir needle, and eucalyptus. These ingredients help you to breathe deeply, while spearmint and ginger help to energize you and improve concentration. Other notable blends often used in gyms and fitness centers for creating uplifting experiences are Fresh Eucalyptus (peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils), Orange Fields (orange and lemon essential oils), and Zesty White Tea (white tea, citrus, ginger aroma oil). 

When an ideal workout experience is constructed in a particular way, clients are much more likely to have a positive experience with their workout and the brand, and therefore more likely to create patterns of these experiences.