The Best Tabletop Scent Diffuser

The Best Tabletop Scent Diffuser

As more people have discovered the benefits of scenting at home, the aromatherapy market has grown with a wide selection of products. What makes for a well-functioning and beautiful scent diffuser? Nebulizing Technology.

Nebulizing Technology

While diffusing fragrance at home can have a number of purposes, from creating ambiance, promoting relaxation, increasing productivity and clarity, to cleanliness or therapeutic practices, it’s helpful to have the right tools to achieve the desired result. Having a well-functioning product to deliver a seamless experience leaves time for you to focus on the benefits so you can trust in its effectiveness.

In terms of personal aromatherapy diffusers, there are a few different types, which ultimately provide a way for a scent or essential oil to become air borne, creating a lasting aroma in the air.





Of course, some prefer different styles for different reasons, but in terms of efficiency, these are in somewhat of a chronological order, with nebulizing being the most effective. Heat methods run the risk of an open flame and/or changing the properties of the scent, and also don’t carry scent very far, as usually scent is mixed with water in a dish over a flame. It might be best to turn to a candle if looking for the light and ambiance qualities of a flame instead. Evaporative methods involve a scent substance on a piece of material like felt with a fan pushing air over it. This might yield a strong result at first, but ultimately doesn’t provide a consistent level of scent and again doesn’t allow for the integrity of the scent to come through as it is merged with another material. Ultrasonic or humidifying diffusers have a dual purpose of humidifying the air by releasing a scent with water electronically, creating a wet mist. This can be beneficial at times, but a humid room is not always desired, and again the strength of the fragrance can easily be diluted since it’s mixed with water. This can also provide a bit of a messy situation and require frequent refills.

Nebulizing diffusion technology has proven to be the most effective and powerful way to transfer scent to the air. It works by housing the fragrance in a nebulizer and through vibration and mixing the liquid with air through a series of tubes, it is transformed into a dry micro mist that disperses from the nebulizer. Since no heat, evaporation, or water mixing is used, you’re getting the purest expression of the fragrance and the most potent result.

Aromax Scent Diffuser

Our Aromax tabletop scent diffuser has been considered the leader in nebulizing diffusers for over twenty years and is one of the eco-friendliest on the market. In addition to the glass nebulizer, the diffuser is crafted with design in mind using anodized aluminum, which is a sustainable material, being infinitely recyclable. This can be a wonderful choice if you’re looking to use less plastic in your home goods. Comparably slightly larger than a common ultrasonic diffuser, it holds about 30ml of fragrance at a time and can cover larger areas of interior space since it is stronger as well. The Aromax produces a slight hum since it connects to power, but a small glass “silencer” piece allows for streamlined output and a softer vibration. There is a user-friendly strength dial for easy output adjustment, as well as a built-in interval timer, so you can set it to scent for a set period of time, like 30 minutes or an hour. Our retail range of fragrances are designed for use in the Aromax with glass drippers to easily transfer scent into the nebulizer. There is a wide range of fragrances and essential oils available to suit every style. On occasion, the nebulizer can simply be cleaned with denatured alcohol or soapy water. Since it can also function as a beautiful design piece with its smooth cone shape, it doubly benefits as a visual and aromatic product.