Sumida Aquarium Partners with Air Aroma Japan

Sumida Aquarium Partners with Air Aroma Japan

In May 2012, Tokyo Skytree Town was officially opened in Sumida Wards, Tokyo. The modern shopping and entertainment complex contains a 634 meter high television broadcasting tower in the center known as ‘Tokyo Skytree’ along with an Aquarium. The Sumida Aquarium boasts the largest open indoor tank in Japan, and has become a popular spot for visitors to view penguins and fur seals up close.

The aquarium was has been built around the theme of “Cradle of life – a nurturing aquatic environment”. The entire facility allows visitors to move around freely without a set course or path to be followed and the tanks have been arranged as a large ‘cradles’ for aquatic life. Air Aroma Japan, as the chosen fragrance supplier, selected four fragrances to be used in the aquarium environment that match the overall healing and nurturing theme of the aquarium. Each fragrance within the aquarium also had to be carefully selected to ensure it matched the theme of that particular zone.

The entrance area of the aquarium showcases the exhibit “The Shimmering of Water – Natural Aquascape” which was designed to duplicate the circle of life under the sea. With this image in mind, Arobalance was chosen as the fragrance for this area as it has a natural and refreshing aroma. Arobalance is derived from green leaf plant extracts and the fragrance can be described as reminiscent of freshly cut grass and green leaves.

The Arobalance fragrance also allows visitors to have genuinely relaxed experience at aquarium due to its stress relieving properties. Arobalance is a scientifically proven stress-relieving scent and was created as a result of scientific research in study natural chemicals, which positively affect on sympathetic nerve activity. The fragrance in this area is then changed to Redwood at 5pm each day to give the atmosphere to more urban and mature feel. 

For the larger open space near the penguin pool of the aquarium, Evergreen fragrance was selected. Air Aroma Japan wanted to use a clear and natural fragrance in this space to make visitors feel like they are in the middle of wilderness and at one with nature.

Pro Hygiene fragrance is also being diffused throughout the restrooms and bathrooms within the aquarium. The clean, fresh scent also offers natural anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties.

This is another example of how Air Aroma is providing scenting solutions tailored to our clients needs. Sumida Aquarium wanted to differentiate its different zones with different fragrances. Each zone now has a unique fragrance specifically chosen and matched to its healing and nurturing theme.

For our Japanese readers, read more on the Air Aroma Japan website .