Lavender – The Scent of Stillness and Serenity

Lavender – The Scent of Stillness and Serenity

As summer starts its slow descent into the changing season, a certain lull of time and space seems to hang steady as the final August evenings arrive and leave us. 

We take our time in activities, relishing in the power of our senses to carry us through the passing moments. A moment to indulge in the senses brings an awareness of gratitude and nostalgia, such as the smell of the sweet summer season coming to an end.

Lavender is nearing the end of its popular blooming season, which depending on the variation, lasts from May through August. Festivals dedicated to lavender celebrate the calming plant with miles of stunning fields and thousands of eager pleasure seekers looking to indulge in the beauty and benefits of the purple plant. In picturesque Provence, France, lavender roads provide routes in and out of the mountainous regions, to visit distilleries, farms, museums, temples, and to experience the unique landscape and atmosphere of the lavender fields. It is an experience not to be missed, and one that feels dreamlike in its vivaciousness.

Though Provence is the most prominent destination for lavender fields, farms are popping up all over the country and world regions in various locations, as it becomes more possible to cultivate and as demand increases. Visiting a lavender farm may soon become a popular wellness activity equivalent to that of visiting a wine vineyard, as more people are looking to slow down, tune in, and unwind. 

Lavender has been known to treat anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and also been found to increase memory efficiency and lessen the perceived effect of stress or pain. Just the image of a large lavender field can trigger positive psychological responses and bring a sense of end-of-summer ease. It is a sought out ingredient for aromatherapy because of these benefits. Once the lavender is extracted and distilled, it can be used in a wide and growing range of uses, like beauty products, diffusion, tea and food recipes, and fabrics. Thanks to our bumblebee friends, the symphony of a soft humming haze continues to bring life into lavender, season after season.