Soothe Through Uncertainty

20 April, 2020

Soothe Through Uncertainty

In the midst of a trying time like we are in now, practices that help us feel more grounded and calm to support health are needed more than ever.

As the events of this pandemic continue to unfold, it can be easy to consider future circumstances and suffering more than usual, and though it is important to stay informed, it is also important that we take this time to take care of ourselves and one another. It requires strength, but mindfully staying present can help to move us through challenging times together.

There are many tools available to aid in this process, and as we spend more time at home, activities like reading, cleaning, plant care, cooking, movement, and creating can help us appreciate this time to pause and self reflect. Creating a space for a home retreat that feels cozy and comforting can provide a sense of security and peacefulness. This can include details like warm lighting, soft textiles, soothing music, and calming scents. Keeping a clean space will not only help psychologically and emotionally, but in physical restoration as well.

A home scent diffuser can help provide your personal sanctuary, and invite you to pause and consider your surroundings, maybe practicing a sense of gratitude and taking time to still and focus on yourself. It is a ritual and a way to create the type of atmosphere you seek. As we move through challenging and uncertain times together, practice what you can to create a sense of calm for yourself.