Smells like Money

21 January, 2017

Smells like Money

Mike Bouchet, an American artist known for his bold, multidisciplinary works that dig at the realities of consumer culture, has recently produced a piece that inspires commentary on American capitalism. With an ode to greed, materialism and power, or something else, Tender presents something intangible yet palpable; the scent of a US Dollar bill.

Due to the nuances of a crisp freshly printed dollar as well as a warm and worn bill, the US Dollar bill lives many lives and inspires a range of associations. Bouchet’s Tender is the scent itself within an open empty gallery, creating a space for a reflective sensory experience. 

Air Aroma partnered with Marlborough Chelsea to deliver the scent, creating a subtle ambiance that permeates throughout the 6,000 sq. ft. gallery. To develop the scent perfumer Marc Vom Ende spent many months researching, perfecting and even extracting chemical compounds from pressed bills. Cotton and linen were fused with ink, as well as 100 other volatile organic chemicals like leather, metal, salt and sweat, to create the distinct aroma.

Tender opens Jan 19 and remains until Feb 25 at Marlborough Chelsea Gallery in Chelsea, New York City. You can stop by to experience it for yourself and learn more about the artist.