Sensory Design

Sensory Design

We are all aware that we have five senses; sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. What people often don’t realize is how each sense can affect your day to day life, and how much it could improve your overall happiness by increasing the exposure to multiple senses at once. 

Jinsop Lee, a passionate industrial designer, talks about the importance of incorporating all your senses and how it affects your experiences. He uses an example from his time in University when he was set to create a solar powered clock. He describes his clock being similar to how sunflowers work; they track the sun throughout the course of the day. Whilst his clock was visually impressive, it greatly lacked the other senses. 

However, his friend Chris created a more complex idea by using five different magnifying glasses with shot glasses underneath them. The shot glasses were each filled with a different scented oil. Each morning the sun would shine down on the first magnifying glass and focus a beam of light onto the shot glass, thus heating it and emitting a certain type of smell. The same process would occur a few hours later with the next magnifying glass and so on. As a result, the idea is that Chris’ clock was more admired as it included more than one of the senses. 

Jinsop Lee continues to discuss his theory, evaluating different experiences he’s had in his life from the point of view of the five senses and applying this to a ‘five senses graph’ that he devised. Lee explains that many designers like himself have focused primarily on making things look good while paying a little attention to the sense of touch, which means they’ve ignored the other three senses. Lee aims to apply his theory to future design ideas and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

The right fragrance is critical to a successful and memorable sensory experience. Through Air Aroma’s unique signature design process we create custom aromas that take into account each of the five senses, resulting in more immersive and memorable experiences. Air Aroma understands the importance of multi-sensory experiences in our daily life and we have the ability to improve the overall experience through diverse possibilities of scenting. 

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