‘Pining’ for the Holidays

‘Pining’ for the Holidays

The time is upon us. Any one who doesn’t consider themselves scrooges can admit that the holiday season brings about a quintessential sense of joy, comfort, and love. No method brings the treasured memories of this season alive more than the sense of smell. 

Scent has the power to encapsulate an entire experience, creating a fast track journey to a flood of memories. Air Aroma knows that much of the magic of the holiday season lies within those nuanced memories, which are rapidly activated by a distinctive smell, like pine trees. 

Bringing pine fragrance to your home, business, or space automatically transports people to specific places and stages of their lives, enabling them to relive and re-experience treasured holiday times. It is not just sentiment that makes pine so appealing though; the earthy and invigorating aroma is also extremely grounding and centering. Pine creates a feeling of being energized and cleansed, which is a powerful way to stay present in the moment when feeling anxious or stressed. Pine can also be combined with many other scents like tree oils and spices to create a true aromatic experience.

One of our best selling essential oils, that incorporates pine, is our Christmas fragrance, which balances Pine, Clove, Fir Needle, Cinnamon, White Cypress for an invigorating and spicy aroma. A new addition to this seasons fragrance offering called Holiday Treecombines Pine Needle, Nutmeg, Chestnut, Holly Berry for the perfect holiday ambiance. These fragrance notes can be that warm hug from your loved one, that sensation of experiencing a silent snowfall, or the sense of connection when taking a walk through a crisp forest.

Our Holiday fragrances can be purchased at the Air Aroma online store, or by contacting us direct.