Our Fall Fragrance Picks

Our Fall Fragrance Picks

Fall is upon us and Air Aroma has a range of fragrances that are the perfect retreat.

Our Redwood essential oil brings you back to nature. It is warm, natural and a perfect calming and relaxing fragrance to unwind with.

For something irresistibly sweet, why not try our Cinnamon Apple aroma oil with mouthwatering notes of sugar pastry, spicy cinnamon and sweet apple.

For a slightly more exotic fragrance, try our Melange Moroc aroma oil. This savory yet rustic fragrance will make you feel like your in the middle of a Moroccan spice market with its notes of Orange, Thyme, Marjoram, Orange Blossom and Jasmine.

Our Fall essential fragrances can be purchased by contacting our New York sales team or your nearest office here.