New Spring Scents

New Spring Scents

With spring in full bloom its time to celebrate the warmer weather with some beautiful new spring scents for your home or business.

If you’re looking to add a spring touch to your space this season, the newly created Longboard is for you. Inspired by the California coast, Longboard embodies the ocean on a crisp, spring day. This dynamic fragrance is evocative of a salty sea air with notes of seaweed, watery cucumber, fir balsam and green apple for a refreshing touch.

Not your typical spring scent, Vetiver Rain, will be sure to turn heads. This bold scent was created with a rainforest and waterfall in mind. The contrasting earthy, bergamot, and vetiver notes combine to create a truly unique scent.

Our new Tulip fragrance is reminiscent freshly cut tulips with hints of moss and soft wood, this fragrance is perfect for the much-craved changing weather. Contact one of our sales representatives directly to order Tulip.

Need a professional business or home scent system to go along with one of these transcendent fragrances? Contact your local sales team and celebrate spring with our latest fragrances.